The Secret Society Is No Scam
The Secret Society’s Invitation Letter Is Not a Scam
The 1200-Page Inside Secrets Manuscript Is Definitely Not a Scam

For a half century, an ongoing attempt to dismiss the Secret Society as a scam has raged on, exasperated by the Internet over the past two decades. This futile attempt today across the Internet to smear the Secret Society exposes a dirty little secret you should know about:
The easiest and fastest way to rise to attention, power and popularity is to tear down someone or something of value. The dirty little secret is: the greater the value, then the greater the opportunity for someone such as a politician, journalist, bureaucrat, activist, blogger, lawyer or flamer to attack that value, flame it, tear it down for quick attention, power, and popularity.
Such value-attackers camouflage their dirty little secret by creating an age-old illusion. The illusion is always the same: the person or entity of value – their target/victim – is made out to be an underhanded greedy person or operation, a scam preying on the public. That’s the illusion — which is actually the complete opposite of reality.
But that illusion always works because it makes the attacker appear good, even heroic. Therefore, the public supports and gets behind such value-attackers. With great public fanfare those value-attacking politicians, journalists, activists, regulatory bureaucrats, bloggers, lawyers and flamers bring down the person or entity of value who is now unjustly perceived and emotionally rejected by the public as a scam. The value is destroyed and the value-attackers are erroneously perceived as benefactors of humanity. The public is none the wiser of losing both its freedoms and values. Society as a whole suffers; the standard of living struggles.
This rising up to popularity/prosperity/power at the expense of others has always been used by a certain percentage of the human race. You can even see this start in children as a certain percentage of school children will bully classmates for attention, popularity and power. …Some people will always try to rise at the expense of others. When adults, many of those value-destroyers unfortunately become part of the ruling-and-influencing class of society. This myriad of value-attackers competitively rise to popularity and power by tearing down value-producers.
The value emanating from the Secret Society to its selected recipients is life-changing, financially and emotionally. Because the value is so large, the Society is a target and a victim of this dirty little secret used by bloggers, flamers, haters. Moreover, the ruling-and-influencing class is threatened by those in the Society because we “Robin-Hood” them…transfer their power from the parasitical, elitist ruling-and-influencing class back to the people, especially to the less fortunate. Therefore, the ruling-and-influencing class continually puts down the Secret Society and our life-enhancing, individual-empowering secret knowledge that especially empowers the less fortunate. The value-attackers cast distorted and malicious perceptions and outright lies in their attempt to provoke rejection of the Society and its revealing, establishment-threatening secrets. Unwittingly, some in the outside public (most of whom have never seen our massive secret manuscripts)



tend to pile onto those false perceptions and lies out of ignorance and a follow-the-herd mentality. They have been influenced by the ruling class to attack us.
The ruling-and-influencing class’s illusions prevent millions from reaping their true benefits from society as instead they unwittingly hail the malefactors of society. But we in the Secret Society “Robin-Hood” the ruling-class greed and power and give their power back to the people. Indeed, we have Robin-Hood techniques to transfer much of the ruling class’s stolen power and wealth back to the powerless…back to the poor and struggling working class and to all who deserve the good life, including you.
For centuries illusions have been cast to influence public perception and provoke emotional dejection toward our kind. Those attacks by outside value-destroyers among the threatened ruling-and-influencing class are another reason why you need to act now to uphold these values while they are still available, before they become banned by the ruling-class authorities in this country as they have been banned by the ruling-class authorities throughout history.
Once inside our Society, the values are so beneficial that those attacks/illusions against our Secret Society simply dissipate. The attacks come from OUTSIDE the Society. Once inside, one will choose to remain inside because of the immense values. Particularly exciting are the Robin-Hood techniques to transfer the massive unearned power, prestige and wealth from the parasitical ruling-and-influencing class directly to YOU for quick but LEGITIMATE attention, prestige, power and wealth! Inside the Secret Society your eyes open immediately to what has secretly been going on behind your back for your entire life, for centuries. And with that hidden knowledge, you can become very successful, even wealthy, at record speed. Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” But this kind of knowledge captures power and wealth.
Whereas for decades the Secret Society has endured libelous and slanderous reputation-damaging attacks, the vast majority of attackers never saw the large manuscripts. Why is that? If they have not seen the large manuscripts, why then do they attack? They are influenced by the ruling/influencing class to attack us. And why have those money/power giants of the ruling/influencing class for decades influenced others to smear our Society? The answer is: we have the powerful Robin-Hood method to transfer much of their stolen power and wealth back to us.
The majority of attacks on the Society just “follow the herd” and “pile it on”, influenced by the threatened establishment’s age-old illusion slanderously stating “the Secret Society is a scam…ripping off people” by charging for these rare leatherette, massive gold-leafed (up to 2800-pages) restricted manuscripts. To those duped, follow-the-herd libelous and slanderous flamers, here is a challenging, revealing thought that perhaps leads to a positive change for you: If a business does not charge for a value, then the value cannot and will not exist! YOU DON’T JUST GET GOODS FOR FREE. Let me make this very clear: Values come from business and profit. Without business and profit, values/goods would disappear. They could not exist. There is absolutely nothing wrong with profiting from providing a value. So, as most “innocent” attackers did not and will not ever see the manuscripts and instead just pile onto the mound of attacks and think it’s OK to slander the Society and to call the life-changing massive manuscripts a scam…you are fundamentally duped by the ruling-and-influencing class. Indeed, what would you expect us to do? NOT CHARGE for this life-changing value? Then it would disappear. With that flawed philosophy, values will cease to exist for humanity.



Unfortunately today, a very damaging philosophy that success is somehow bad and done at the expense of others is rapidly spreading. In reality, achievement and success benefit others as personal success brings values, jobs, and rising standards of living to society. The pervasive ruling-and-influencing class pushes the very destructive illusion on the public that is opposite of reality. And those who are duped, in turn, attack achievers and their success.
The Secret Society does something wonderful for its members: this exclusive Society delivers the necessary tools for success in today’s difficult economies, including the tools/weapons to protect that success from the ruling-and-influencing class and their duped followers. Moreover, we “Robin-Hood” the ruling-and-influencing class’s stolen power and give it back to the struggling working class — to you!
The Secret Society brings honest power to the powerless. EVERYONE wants power — the power to earn money, the power to attract a desirable lover or spouse, the power to achieve worthy goals, the power to give your children a wonderful life. A certain percentage of the population unfortunately acquires power quickly and easily through the dirty little secret. You can, too. But most people are not interested in participating in the dirty little secret.
You can test the dirty little secret, however, to get a glimpse of its power. For instance, at a gathering, perhaps at a party, if you put someone down, even in the slightest way, you will see an instant transfer of power to you. It’s human nature — the offensive posture versus the defensive posture. In fact, you see this attacker/bully versus defender/victim role play out starting at a very young age…as early as in pre-school and continuing throughout all school years, sometimes culminating in tragic consequences such as the rash of cyber-bullying, teen suicides lately. Parents and teachers know this only too well about certain children.1
Certain adults use the dirty little secret to its full extent to transfer power and

1One critical point to bloggers, flamers, and haters: When a blogger flames a person, remember that is a real person with real friends, parents, children, loved ones. Today’s wired generation tends to not realize that online attacks on others cause very real pain and consequences in people’s lives. As I wrote above, sometimes this disconnect causes tragic real-world consequences such as the rash of cyber-bullying, teen suicides lately…a sad, sad result of particularly the younger generation not relating what they are doing online to real-world consequences. Let me remind haters, flamers, bloggers who attack on line and cause damage to others, including to me and my Society and reputation, particularly attackers who are downright vicious…you are an example of today’s disconnect between associating destructive on-line posts with real-world consequences. For example, recipients of attacks and hate are real and caring persons with loved ones who are the light of their lives, with friends, with those who admire them. Flamers who attack without reservation, give pause to realize that those you attack are not inanimate objects, but usually kind persons with lives of love around them, with close loved ones who care about them. Just stop for a moment and consider how your online posts that degrade others…how those posts affect not only their reputation, but their world…when people they love see those harsh posts, such as their children who look up to them, their family who are proud of them, their customers who respect them. And know those degrading words about those warm human beings posted on line will remain on the Internet, forever. …When you destroy a person, you become the ultimate value destroyer.


wealth from the good, rightful owners of that power and wealth to themselves. The greater the person or entity of value/power being attacked, the greater that transfer of power to the attacker. Those adults rise to power through conquests and join the ruling class of attack-mode politicians, regulatory bureaucrats, journalists, attack lawyers.
Once again, you can get a small taste of this power by putting someone down, especially in front of others. Of course, most good people feel terrible inside by putting someone else down and therefore could never climb to power and wealth through this quick and easy dirty little secret. But a certain percentage of the population, a certain breed have always thrived on this attack mode for a quick and easy rise to power. They have no conscience. And unfortunately, the majority of our ruling-and-influencing class consists of this ruthless breed. They rise to the top through their conquests of value producers. And sadly, millions upon millions of others become influenced by their ruthless put-downs that make the successful appear bad. In turn, the masses believe in the ruling-class attacks on the successful. The value producers are shamed; the value destroyers are revered.

Turning the Tables

Many true heroes of society — the value creators — are perceived as villains. Many true villains of society — the value destroyers — are perceived as heroes. The ruling-and-influencing class’s illusions prevent millions from seeing the true benefactors of society, and instead they unwittingly hail the malefactors of society at great costs to themselves! Indeed, overwhelmed by the illusions, value producers often erroneously feel ashamed of themselves. And countless millions of would-be value creators succumb to the destructive illusions and lose their ambition to become business owners, value creators, job creators. The economy and standard of living continuously declines.
Here is a clue as to how to see through the illusions: the working class — from the ditch digger to the billionaire entrepreneur — works hard to put values into society. The parasitical attack-class — from the bully in school to the highest politician — attacks the value producer to usurp his power and drain values from society.
Often the “villains” that you and children see in the movies are really the heroes and often the “heroes” are the real villains. Likewise, in the real world many of the persons we perceive as “villains” are the value producers, the heroes. And many of the persons we perceive as “heroes” are the value destroyers, the villains. Often life is not as it appears to be. Once again, inside the Secret Society our eyes open immediately to what has secretly been going on behind our backs for our entire lives, for centuries.
Inside the Society, you become both successful and capable of defending your success from the attackers. There is nothing on this planet better for you right now than taking back all your rightful power and soaring into a new realm of success never even fathomed before in your lifetime. That happens as Society members “Robin Hood” the money/power giants using the dirty little secret against us. Our members jiu-jitsu (i.e., flip down) anyone/everyone using the dirty little secret against them. Members jiu-jitsu the money/power giants’ unearned and stolen power, prestige, wealth and recapture it directly for themselves for legitimate power — earned power, prestige, wealth.


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